Massage Therapy Focused on You!

Massage Therapy Focused on You!

Massage Therapy Focused on You!Massage Therapy Focused on You!

A Collective of Wellness Professionals

Focusing on the "Art of We"

Center Massage was created with both the client and professional in mind. We focus on supporting the wellness of everyone, including our professional members. 

We offer space and a supportive environment for our members to practice, learn, and thrive professionally and financially. 

Join Us

Are you a wellness professional looking to start a new practice or expand an existing career? We are now accepting membership applications! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a collective?

A collective is a business supported by its members. Membership is calculated according to use of the facility time. 

Who should apply?

Although we are mostly massage therapists, we are open to hearing from other wellness professionals who would like to join us. We are open to possibilities!

Why a collective?

In the collective environment, not only do we pool our financial resources to support the business expense overhead, we pool our strengths and knowledge to support a thriving business model.

What is the cost of membership?

Membership is based on the number of shifts a professional wants to buy. A shift entitles the member to use of the facility and equipment during that time slot. We also have linen and consumable memberships.

Do I need experience?

We require our members to have the proper licensing and insurance in order to join. Other than that, whether you are new to the business or an experienced veteran, you are welcome to join us!

Where are you located?

We are continually looking for new location opportunities for our members. We believe that covering more ground makes us all more successful. You can find our current locations on our main page.