Free Shiatsu Chair Massage or Thai Stretching at CoreFit!

Sign up for a FREE Shiatsu Chair Massage or Thai Stretching session with Center Massage's Jennifer Matkin! ONLY on Tuesday, November 1st!

Allow Jennifer to take you through a 15-20 minute series of techniques to help your body relax and release!

Spots are limited, so please sign up before the day of HERE


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Services Offered

Shiatsu Chair Massage

Focus on the meridians that run along the spine with a Shiatsu Chair Massage with Jennifer! This technique is performed in a specially designed massage chair with your clothes on. It is excellent for relaxation and tension release from head to toe.


Thai Stretching

Thai Stretching uses ancient stretching and techniques to leave you feeling free and relaxed! Allow Jennifer to take your body through a series of basic passive stretches to feel renewed and refreshed!