Learn About Our Memberships!

Do you plan on coming into Center Massage for at least one service a month? Why not snag some discounts while you are at it?! Become a Member!

When you become a Center Massage Member, you can choose to receive 1, 2, or 4 services each month at a discounted price! Services eligible to book with your membership are any Massages, Shiatsu, or Stretching therapies.

What's also included in you membership is an additional discount that is good for any extra appointments you book within the month that are outside of your allotted membership appointments. This extra discount can be used towards all regular priced services we offer at Center Massage, including Massages, Shiatsu, Stretching, Craniosacral Therapy, Reiki and Skincare services (membership discounts cannot be combined with other discounts or introductory rates).

*Please note that our Membership Rates will be increasing on August 15. Please click here to view the new rates.


There are 3 types of memberships to choose from:

The Maintenance Membership - 1 Bodywork Session per Month (5% off extra services)

This membership is for the monthly visitor! They come in for their appointment like clock work, every four weeks to stay on top of their health! If they do decide to come in for an extra session, they will receive 5% off that service.

  • $52/30 minutes (savings of $3/session)
  • $67/45 minutes  (savings of $3/session)
  • $81/60 minutes  (savings of $4/session)
  • $95/75 minutes  (savings of $5/session)
  • $110/90 minutes  (savings of $5/session)
  • $145/120 minutes  (savings of $5/session)

The Wellness Membership - 2 Bodywork Sessions per Month (10% off extra services)

This membership is typically for the client who comes in every other week! They are working to maintain good health, or maybe suffer from some chronic discomfort. This is our most popular membership! And, if they decide to come in for a 3rd session that month, they will receive 10% off!

  • $100/2 - 30 minute sessions  (savings of $8/month or $4/session)
  • $130/2 - 45 minute sessions  (savings of $10/month or $5/session)
  • $158/2 - 60 minute sessions  (savings of $12/month or $6/session)
  • $190/2 - 75 minute sessions  (savings of $10/month or $5/session)
  • $218/2 - 90 minute sessions  (savings of $12/month or $6/session)
  • $285/2 - 120 minute sessions  (savings of $15/month or $7.50/session)

The Optimal Membership - 4 Bodywork Sessions per Month (15% off extra services)

This membership is for the committed, weekly clients that just want to feel amazing all day every day! Any extra appointments booked outside of the 4 sessions will receive 15% off!

  • $194/4 - 30 minute sessions  (savings of $28/month or $6.50/session)
  • $248/4 - 45 minute sessions  (savings of $32/month or $8/session)
  • $304/4 - 60 minute sessions  (savings of $36/month or $9/session)
  • $360/4 - 75 minute sessions  (savings of $40/month or $10/session)
  • $420/4 - 90 minute sessions  (savings of $40/month or $10/session)
  • $560/4 - 120 minute sessions  (savings of $40/month or $10/session)


Interested in getting some discounts? Become a Member HERE!


Terms and Conditions

  1. Memberships can be paused or cancelled at any time, free of charge. 
  2. Unused Credits carry over to the next month. These credits are valid for up to one year before they expire. 
  3. Membership services and discounts cannot be shared with another person. 
  4. Membership credits cannot be transferred to a gift card.